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Picasa is meant to become the “photographs world” within your computer. People from Google design this very powerful and yet easy-to-use application containing all the tools you need together when it comes to organize, edit, share, backup and print your digital photographs.
Nowadays, with digital cameras and all, tons of pictures accumulate in hard disks of almost any computer in the world. The thing is how good is a photograph if you don’t know you have it and you don’t even watch it once?! In that case, you really need a tool to get things organized managing those tons of picture files. Picasa performs all those tasks for you easily, fast and for free. Six main task related sections compose this software. Let’s know a little bit more about them:
The first problem is to organize the mess since you already have thousands of pictures that maybe you don’t remember you have and don’t know where they are. Picasa offers you the possibility to create albums to organize them and a cool ability of this software is that allows you to have the same picture in more than one album without needing to have two copies, of course. You can move and change names of the pictures right from Picasa without using the Windows Explorer. You can also rate your photographs with a stars scale system, and protect them with passwords.
Most people are not professional photographers and it’s very likely that you’re not one. If that’s the case you definitely will need some of the powerful edition tools that Picasa offers. From the basic effects know by almost everybody to the coolest effects you have heard of, are all together in Picasa. There’s no picture than couldn’t be fixed with it. Just to give you an idea, you can change the focus of a photograph already taken!! Red eyes correction, color depth, brightness, contrast and many more tools available.
Two things you want to do with your photographs after taking them: to see them and to share them with friends and family. But as simple as it could sound, not always it is. With Picasa it will be. If you want to send pictures via e-mail Picasa will prepare them so the are quickly sent and correctly displayed on the recipients’ computers. In addition, you can take advantage of Picasa to help you out uploading the pictures on you own web site, for free. If you want to create a gift for family from your pictures, easily create slide shows from them.
What happen if you want to have a few pictures hanging from your walls? Well, go ahead a print them quickly, easily and with high quality from Picasa.
When your photographs are said to keep memories that you cannot live again, the value of those photographs is compared with the value of those memories. Of course, you don’t want to lose them. Picasa will help you out creating backup copies.
If you feel creative, go ahead and express your self with Picasa. You can create movies from your pictures, create slide shows, a poster and even pictures collages.

Juan Morán
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