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Easily view and edit your photos and share them to Google+
Guest — 2 years ago
Guest — 3 years ago
Good app. Different photo editing options.
Samuel Dawit — 3 years ago
Even if it doesn't have advanced editing features, it's cool!
Michael Frost — 3 years ago
Simply wonderful app, wonderfully simple..
Guest — 4 years ago
Tried most of all. This has all you need.
Mary Ann Gisburne — 4 years ago
Nice tool, but I need to reinstall it every month. I have tried completely uninstalling and deleting my database, and still I am back to need to reinstall it to be able to use it.
Sidra Ayoub — 4 years ago
Picasa is the most easy-to-use tool among all photo editing utilities, doesn't support many formats but works nicely.
Fernando Crisosto — 4 years ago
It's easy to use. Does what it promises.
Nigel Fitt — 4 years ago
I have been using Picasa for years. It is easy to use.
Guest — 4 years ago
Please add more effects to Picasa ,however, it is very beautiful to edit my photos.
Guest — 4 years ago
Very easy to use and collects all what I need in one software.
PRATAP — 4 years ago
It is so easy for me to enjoy my photos.
pratap — 4 years ago
It is so useful for me to watch photos.
Lorraine — 4 years ago
There is no better photo fixer thanks to Picasa 3 and no one will ever take it away from me again.
joe — 4 years ago
My favorite program for managing pictures. Makes it so easy for me to review and edit pictures. Love it. Have been using it since 2008.
Debbie — 4 years ago
I simply love it!
Paula — 5 years ago
I just love the things I can do with this program.
vaisakh — 5 years ago
nice app
DavePC000 — 7 years ago
Great program
Guest — 7 years ago
Guest — 7 years ago
I love it
Kevin — 7 years ago
Fast, full of features, free!
Shohom — 7 years ago
Guest — 7 years ago
Needs more improvement on it.
Gora — 7 years ago
It is awesome..
Detlef — 7 years ago
Good performance, super tools, easy handling!
Guest — 7 years ago
it is awesome
Guest — 8 years ago
awesome software by google !easy 2 use ...nice graphic
Freak — 8 years ago
The photo viewer is very user friendly
Mandor — 8 years ago
Very useful and functions interesting tool for creation photo albums, sorting photo and short videos. Measurably assisting search in PC photography containing same faces.
Guest — 8 years ago
Ease of use & great pictures.
Richard Lafromboise — 8 years ago
Love it
Guest — 8 years ago
prathamesh — 8 years ago
It is the best photo player
Piskała — 8 years ago
Picasa is the best!
Ron — 8 years ago
Another great Google app.
Guest — 8 years ago
it's is simple to create movie
Guest — 8 years ago
best free program in using I've ever tested
Andrew — 8 years ago
Love it
ADMIRAL — 8 years ago
very fast photo preview....
Rickrack17 — 8 years ago
Love it great program
David Lin — 8 years ago
Rimal — 8 years ago
Good software for managing ur images.. can edit, tweak.. latest face recognition.. amazing.....
italotoffolo — 8 years ago
5 Stars
Sundaram — 8 years ago
Free picture editing tool from Google.
Guest — 8 years ago
I am borred
Dan — 9 years ago
Pretty cool
Guest — 9 years ago
It's the Best Software.
Gill Staniland — 9 years ago
Extremely happy with product.editing tool facility easy to manage. Thank you very much
Guest — 9 years ago
Arthur Fournier — 9 years ago
Vignesh — 9 years ago
very good for photos
Stas — 9 years ago
good & free program
Guest — 9 years ago
I like
Prasanth Kurian — 9 years ago
very user-friendly compare to photoshop..
john gill — 9 years ago
Michael — 9 years ago
not as functional as it claims to be, but good
Guest — 9 years ago
it is superb
aremean — 9 years ago
easy to use
amar — 9 years ago
i like it very much
Biswanath Saha — 9 years ago
I love picasa...many reasons
JohnB — 9 years ago
Works well for uploading and organizing
saniismail — 9 years ago
all package in one program. edit, making movie,post to blog and more.
Guest — 9 years ago
very easy to use and to edit and share photos
Tuberk KutLu — 9 years ago
Picasa ^^ Nice prg
Dianne Tresize — 9 years ago
practical and visually pleasing
titas — 8 years ago
I like it
jcmorrill — 9 years ago
great to manage pics. could be a bit more intuitive
Guest — 9 years ago
Guest — 9 years ago
A very good and simple software from Google
PHOTOPAUL — 9 years ago
Excellent features
Guest — 9 years ago
superb to use
Barry Ward — 9 years ago
Just started using, seems good.
Sophia — 9 years ago
very easy to follow instructions
Guest — 9 years ago
i liked it because of its photo viewer
Dany x — 9 years ago
It's very simple to use and have many functionality
φ — 9 years ago
Picasa is easy to use, but its way of organizing the pictures is a constant source of confusion.
Guest — 9 years ago
fabulous for beginners...fabulous for anyone...very user friendly
Scribbly — 9 years ago
Good photo organiser. Handy links to web albums
thomas.merz — 9 years ago
fine, very useful
Guest — 9 years ago
top accurate and user friendly
alexander — 9 years ago
very nice
Guest — 10 years ago
Guest — 10 years ago
super good
Guest — 10 years ago
Great new features for slide shows
Guest — 10 years ago
its really a good software which is organising the images in the computer... so no need to search them manually...
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